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Aspen Autumn

Crisp cold air, a slight breeze chills my skin. It’s fall, and we’re in Colorado. More specifically, Aspen-Snowmass. Usually more famous for its world class ski and snowboarding slopes, but just as known for beautiful fall colors as the quaking aspens braces for the incoming wintery weather... [Click here to read the full story]

Glacier National Park

It’s 4th of July, Independence Day, and we’ve been driving for hours from Spokane when we finally reach West Glacier just after 9:30PM. There were smoke everywhere from the fireworks launched from both side of Highway 2, the main street that goes through the town and the entry to Glacier National Park. We often emphasize the greatness that is “America” during 4th of July, everybody would wear star spangled themed clothing, hats, bikinis; celebrate that which is USA. But I figured what better way to celebrate this day than to visit one of “America’s Best Idea,” a National Park...[Click here to read the full story]

Death Valley Revisited 

There are two types of travelers, in my opinion. The first is someone who might’ve gone to some exotic place and comes back unimpressed, maybe complain a little about how there are only a few things to do. The second is someone who might just took a drive down to a state park nearby, do a bit of hiking, but comes back and tell about the trip like it was an adventure of a lifetime. I feel you can also view Death Valley National Park the same way....[Click  here to read the full story]

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