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Field Notes: Alaska Wildlife

Last June, we were back to Alaska and for other various reasons (our wedding), we were very excited to be back. But aside from the main reason for being back in Alaska, I’m always stoked to be in a crazy beautiful place like Anchorage where we were surrounded by these gorgeous sub-arctic mountains and glaciers. 

And not to mention the wildlife…

You generally already have a pretty good chance of seeing wildlife at random anywhere outside Anchorage; anything from elks, moose, and bears even. But being in the Chugach area already, we made a quick stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center  just south of the town of Girdwood. AWCC takes in wounded or orphaned animals in their sprawling 200 acre facility, but also focuses on education and preservation of wildlife in general.

For a small fee, anybody can drive in and see these animals from a safe space and up close. It definitely does not top seeing animals in the wild, but it does give you a very high probability of being able to see them during the day.Including a couple of Bald Eagles... is there anything that says "'Murrica" more than a Bald Eagle?

Okay maybe the official mammal of the United States, the American Buffalo -- also known as the Bison...

..and there are a lot of bisons.

Did you know that some buffalos can live up to 200 years?
They're called BISON-TENNIALS! XD

And of course, bears.  There are actually two black bears and a brown bear (Grizzly), but the grizzly was napping behind a mound and I wasn't able to take its picture... but that's okay really.

Always let a sleeping bear lie... coz they will f*** you up otherwise.

And also, of course, if you get the chance to visit Denali National Park, you always have a good chance of seeing even more wildlife.

While our bus trip towards Eielson Visitor Center was pretty sparse for wildlife, not long after we boarded the bus back, we quickly encounter not one but two sets of bears!

And they were so very close to the side of the road.

Never forget to stop by the Sled Dog Kennel before leaving Denali.  These bark rangers always need more scritches.

Last but not least, if you look closely around the shrubbery, you might even get lucky and see a snowshoe hare. Wascally wabbit!

To see the full post and photos from the previous year's visit to Denali, click here
And for more photos, check out my instagram @rprawira.


Always remember to maintain a safe distance from any wildlife.  Not only you can put yourself at risk, but animals who have negatively interact with humans may be removed or even put down.  And never, in any condition, feed them.  Let's keep the Wild in Wildlife


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