Just a short post.

Haven’t been out for a serious hike or shoot for over 2 straight months now. And it sucks. As much as I’d like to, my day job been working me like a dog.

Like an old mangy, beaten up dog.

The one respite I’ve had was a short weekend trip to Cabo for my friends Jeff and Rita’s wedding. And it was one helluva wedding. But other than the few shots I did for the groom, I committed to not really taking any serious photos during the trip. Hey, even I need some beach time every now and then… plus I also committed to not be sober most of the time anyways.

Cabo was really nice.

I wouldn’t say it’s cultural though. It’s more like as if the United States bought a beachfront property for their winter home. Lots of colors, cheap margaritas, and domesticated Mexican food. And that’s that, really not much more to say about it.

Drank like a tourist. Shot like a tourist.